Thursday, May 26, 2011

Colorblind Train Driver Fired

Thanks to myrtone for sharing this article from Scotland.

Apparently a 36-year veteran of DB Schenker was fired from his job as a train operator due to a color deficiency. According to the article, he had barely passed color-related tests in the past, but this time the results were not acceptable for this safety sensitive position.

See the full article here.

What do you think?


  1. Robert says he had no idea he was colour blind but wondered why he mistook dark green suits for black.

    That means that what he has is not blindness to any colour but a weakness. He mistaking dark green suits for black ones means his anomaly is deuteranomaly. Only four colours, red, yellow, green and blue are used by the railways.

    "I wish I had been told about this while I was young enough to get another job."

    If Robert could not tell any two of them apart, he would have realised early on in life as it would have caused many real world problems.

    Since he was slower than his collegues at responding to yellow lights, it might be worth compairing reaction times.

  2. I love Quebec’s and PEI’s Symbolic shape coded traffic signals. And have these lenses in my collection. I also have video of these which I have filmed in Quebec. I’m surprised that associations for the blind haven’t pushed these signal lenses in the US for colour blind drivers under the ADA. I really thought they would take hold in Canada. I know British Columbia was thinking of using them for a while. PEI does use them. They were used in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, but never made it to wide spread use. They have since been replaced with standard signals in those provinces. Also, Quebec stopped using them on provincially maintained highways, but is still legal, there. And still maintained in some municipalities. I have these provincial standards. By the way, these signals are placed in the horizontal position, and, vertical.