Wednesday, September 9, 2009

THIS is why we're here

I've been writing articles for Grey Means Go since the beginning of the year, starting with a post entitled Why are we here? In it I briefly discussed color vision deficiency and its effect on transportation safety. The answer to the "why" question was simply to elevate this discussion.

I was wrong (or at least incomplete).

What had not occurred to me was shared in an e-mail I received a few weeks ago, in response to a blog post on the new Huetility iPhone app:


My son is colorblind and wants to be an engineer. I have been searching the internet for programs (i.e. the eye pilot) and came across this iPhone app. I know it won't help my son directly, but it brings attention to the need to know there are people who cannot see color and helps various industries design their programs so so my son isn't affected.

Thank you soooo much...It is people like you that keep my son still in the game. My son is completely colorblind and very good at math and wants to help people. I want him to be able to contribute to society and share his mathematical and scientific strengths.

Thank you again...thank you so very much...


To be perfectly honest, this had not crossed my mind. The fact that this small effort can inspire others (particularly kids) is very cool. I'm confident that Stacy's son can contribute as much as he desires, regardless of how well he can tell red from green.


  1. Wow, Brian! That is very cool. A great reason to share and discuss issues affecting the colorblind. Keep at it!

  2. This discussion prompted me to discover two other iPhone apps. They do sort of the reverse--instead of helping people with full color vision see the world as the color blind do, they help the color blind find out about what full color folks see, again through taking pictures with the iPhone camera.

    color blind helper:

    color blind avenger

  3. Thanks for sharing these apps. I know there is some desktop-based software as well; maybe we should devote a post to all the different applications available.